Monday, January 31, 2011

Haters Stop Hatin : The Liverpool Edition

Monday January 31st - The longest day in football analysis... ever.

As trades are made up until 11pm tonight, people across the football world will be asking, who is my team getting and who are we losing. That brings us to the major trade talk of this transfer period, the Fernando Torres, Luis Suarez & Andy Carroll.

This trade is not smart, but it helps Liverpool. Lets do some simple math. Now this is all speculation of course on fees and prices, but most of them are Pretty Accurate

Torres to Chelsea = + £50 Million
Carroll to LFC = - £35 Million
Suarez to LFC = - £23 MIllion
Total = £8 Million

Now lets get this correct, Liverpool are getting the Dutch footballer of the year, Andy Carroll who is currently 3rd (11 goals) in the league for goals scored.

This is why i love John Henry, one has to admit his ability to buy according to market is smart. Surely Carroll is not worth £35 million, but is the under performing Torres actually worth £50 million pounds, the answer is no. Torres is a great football player and I will not hate on him. But the Player is old. He is 26, while Suarez (24) and Carroll (21) are both younger, and they show their youth, while Torres shows his age with his lack of performance and injuries of old. It is not just liverpool either, Torres's goals in the World Cup (2) is far less than Suarez and Carroll.

The way to look at the trade is 8 Million for an extra player, rather than 35 for one player.

God Bless Liverpool

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