Monday, June 27, 2011

Harry Potter : The Best Worst Seeker

I was walking to a bar with a group of friends when we started to talk our typical Fantasy non-sense, like who is the best batter, who has the best fastball and all of that typical sports non-sense, when the weirdest conversation struck us. Who would we draft if we did a Quidditch Draft.

So due to my nature, and obsession with facts and figures (follow @patchstats to see this) I began researching Quidditch statistics. Although the game in nature is flawed, and the scoring is somewhat "Abstract" , and the rules are clearly to reach five year olds not to cheat, there are some metrics that can be obtained. While doing my research I came across a lot of Harry Potter's brilliant run as a seeker, and his failure to go Pro. So one can ask is Tryell Prior just pulling a Harry Potter and not going back for his final year to go save the world. [Unlikely, since Prior is leaving to avoid any more investigation of the Ohio State University].

Harry Potter: The Worst Best Seeker|
I love Harry Potter, dont get me wrong. But what a waste of Talent. Harry Potter has never finished an entire season of Quidditch, he had either been knocked off his broom (Year 3) or getting banned (Year 5) or being injuried (Year 1). So if I were to draft Harry Potter I would run into the same risk as drafting Greg Oden, and we all saw how that played out. Harry has good game, winning all but one snitch battle, and is generally a good player. But his off the pitch life and social habits seem to make him more of a threat rather than a reward. He actually gets replaced in Year 6 by Ginny Wesley Potter, who is a better fit for a seeker anyway. She is lighter and smaller, making her the better build for the position anyway. Harry Potter's ending of a career is a lot like Drew Bledsoe , great until knocked out of a game and his replacement is better.

Where would I draft them : Late First Round Early Second Round.

Draco Malfoy : His Father was the coach
Although the Malfoy's were not directly in charge of the coaching of Slytherin, they practically were, with Lucious Malfoy's power Draco was a shoe in for the seeker position.Draco becomes the new Seeker for the Slytherin Quidditch team after his father, Lucius Malfoy, donates new, high-quality Nimbus 2001 broomsticks But I wouldn't draft this kid at all. His college ball at Hogwarts was very displeasing. He played terrible is the best way to put it. He couldnt beat Harry Potter and really didnt have the stuff to make it beyond college Ball to be honest. I dont think his dad could pay me enough to draft him.

Where would I draft them : I wouldn't

Katie Bell: All Star but hardly known.
Katie Bell is a classic sleeper, but I truly dont know why. She has more talent than most outside chasers. She was on Hogwart's Best Team in history. She made the team her second year, which is average for a Player, although not a rookie she played a solid year. She played a solid 5 years. It is not known if there was a seventh season for her, but I would draft her regaurdless. She is easily one of the top 10 chasers to ever play at Hogwarts, and is an easy early round draft pick.

Where Would I draft them : Early Second Round

Angelina Johnson: Star player, draft low
She became the captain in year 5, and handled the pressure pretty well. She is not a start athlete but a natural born leader. She handled a large "UNC esc" expolotion of the team, and had to find replacements quick. Although I can't say she was the best of her year, Huffepuff's Smith was a better chaser.

Where Would I draft them : Middle Fourth.

Fred/George Weasley : The Sedin's of Quidditch
It goes without saying the two were good Beaters. However, they were not enough for me. They played maybe enough to make it in the pros, but their off the pitch actions make them a liability. Their fireworks mishap reminds me a lot of Plaxico Burress. You can't teach discipline, and these two had a huge problem with this. They would make a solid pair if you could trade up to get two solid picks, but its not really known how they would play by themselves. So if you could get them as a package deal, then maybe take the risk, but I don't know if the upside of them is really worth the risk.

Where Would I draft them : Late fifth if separated, Mid fourth together

Charlie Weasley : The Wayne Rooney of Quidditch
Draft! The Scouts report that he has the broom speed unlike anyone else out there. He also is known to be the best recruit coming out of Hogwarts, a good Quidditch school. Although he was not the captain his senior year, dont let that turn you away. His solid performance his worth the early pick. There is some debate as to his sucess rate, because Slytherin Won the Cup the 7 years that Charlie was there, but other accounts say that Gryffindor hasn't won since Charlie was there. All in All Charlie Weasley is a great pick.

Where Would I draft them: Early First Round

Ginevra "Ginny" Molly Weasley : From a Family of Quidditch

Her older brother, Charlie was a legend at Hogwarts. Weasley was forced to end her career at Hogwarts when the school ran into NCAA issues, causing them to shut down the program. However, the potential there is unmatched by this draft class. The key ingredient here is her age. She is the Kyrie Irving of Quidditch, young, and can move quickly. She is also a small nimble seeker, which is the best size for the position. So I would say its a sure bet she will be able to move quickly and grab the snitch.

Where Would I draft them: Early First Round

Oliver Wood : A Born Profressional
Wood was Drafted actually, by Puddlemere United. Although he never started. Its a classic example of drafting is the easiet thing to do. He was a keeper, so i wouldn't draft him that high (more on that later). But clearly someone saw something in him, so he must have been a good keeper.

Where Would I draft them: Early Fifth Round

Ron Weasley : Scared to Save
Eh. Ron Weasley is average, and probably low on my draft board. There were talks of him taking magical enhancing potions, which of course is frowned upon with Quidditch officials. So I would be risking the few game suspensions he would receive from that. Also he is a keeper, and an average one at that. The little bit of playing time he received in College was because the primary keeper left school to go play pro. His injury in year 6 scares me, and could be a permanent thing. So take caution. Some scouts say he is capable and worth the risk, but im not paying more than i have to for him.

Where Would I draft them: Late 7th

Now there are a ton of players, and I will post a second round of drafting results. But below is my philosophy of drafting Quidditch Players.

Order of Drafting:
Seekers - A good seeker ends the game when you are ahead, and a bad one never gets the snitch. They are tough to come by and typically cost a lot of money. A Good seeker is aware of the field and when it is good to grab the snitch. Wait to the team is ahead then go in for the kill. It is debatable the most important position on the pitch and the hardest to play.

Chasers - Offence wins Championships, everyone thinks the counter, but you need people that can score, and if you have a bad seeker, you need to keep the game out of reach until your seeker can end the game. Its a medium difficulty to play, but it is important. Draft them early.

Beaters - Important if they can knock the opponent off the ground. They don't require much training so they are typically drafted at max potential. That is why they are drafted so low, because you know what you get when you draft them. A Duo is important, because a team within a team for Quidditch is important. You need your beaters to be on the same page.

Keepers - They tend to be inconscient. Sure everyone thinks that a "Goalie" is the most important position, but why waste a high draft pick. All keepers are just one bad game from being replaced. They also need to prove they can handle the professional speed and shots. Which is hard to find even at the College level. So typically draft them lower and grab them off Free Agency or Trade for them. But draft them low.