Friday, January 28, 2011

Athletic Gods - Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong brought the Tour de France to America, one of only two Americans to do this. But Lance did more than just win a really hard bike competition, but he did it 7 times. That is more than any other person. Lance brought a cycling culture to America that was unparalleled to any other sport. Men biking up and down mountains made real television, it was on the nightly news. Just six years after his final race, the Average American couldn't tell you what time of year the Tour was, or who was winning. That's because they know its not Lance Armstrong. Besides Lance being a robot (i mean he ran a sub 3hr marathon), he is all-around american, (minus that divorce of course). He has started up his own charity selling, as stupid as it sounds, wrist bands that say livestrong on them. Its not just a story of a biker, but an American Triumph. A guy who battled cancer, and then learned how to beat pain. Below is a graph of Tour De France winners, the four years before lance, and the four years after lance. Just look at the dip in times, and see the God that is Lance Armstrong.

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