Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Reader, Read all about it

Google Reader, a meaning deeper than the news that is fed. Google Reader, created in 2005 will reach its 4th birthday later this year. As a user of Google Reader I have come to learn, and accept certain features of the web-based program.

Google Reader allows a person to read more than just what is posted, but also share and comment about it. Although Google has perfected a comment section, many people are not prompted to use it. The most interesting feature is Google's ability to read a personality using Google reader. Listed below I have demonstrated several type of "Google Readers".

  1. The Obnoxious Over User - This person probably subscribed to over 30+ Blogs and feels the need to share them with everyone. Despite 40% of them being interesting, it becomes a task to flip through all 200+ of them to figure out which are worth actually reading. The Range of topics is fair, normally ranging from 8+ topics, so reading the same item rarely occurs. It is sometimes obvious that this person has a lot of time on their hand to read and share all these. What we learn from this person's sharing is that they have a really really boring job that has a computer with internet. They are probably pretty aware of what is going on considering the amount of blogs they read. Suggestion: A great friend to bring a long to a party with. Since they know so much they can really talk to anyone. Avoid: Reading all their shares, go outside get some fresh air.
  2. The Single Issue Reader - This person may read 15+ blogs, but really only cares about sharing 1-3 of them. Not only do they share them, but they frequently share these topics. They can range from their Home town city to Gay Rights, or sometimes even issues involving religion. This person feels the only way for people to know they like this issue is to share it 60+ times a day. They really want you to know they love that issue. They will even post the same article just posted on different blogs. They want you to know that its not just them that is obsessed with this single issue. Suggestion: Take this person to a riot or protest, or maybe even a debate. Remember their favourite topic and maybe write a story or a paper involving their issue. They will be great at where to get resources and who to talk to. Avoid: Parties, they lack a range of topics. They can really only speak strongly about one topic. Also avoid talking about other things in the news, because they probably were not aware of it.
  3. The Cute Google Reader - Their friends have google reader, and they set it up because everyone else did it. They share about 1 item per fortnight and use google reader out of desperation, since Facebook or Twitter was banned in the office. They normally read the cute or funny blogs like The Daily Puppy or Today's Big Thing. They normally only read 10 - 15% of what is shared, and are very prompt on letting you know what they read. This is to convince their friends that they actually are using Google Reader. Suggestion: Have a frisbee catch, walk a dog, or even get some ice cream with this person. They clearly are outside a lot and are not using Reader. They will know what is the best thing to do outside of your office. Avoid: Any topic in the news. They probably are unaware of it. Also avoid teaching them New Google things, because they wont really care, and will just pretend to care. Things like Google Wave really just confuse them, and they will swear they 'Dont Have time' for things like this.
See, there is a lot we can learn about using Google Reading.