Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Presidential Sport Debate | What if?

During the 9pm Est there were several things on television  some including the Yankees & Oriels game , the Vice Presidential debate and the [last] season premier of the Jersey. These of course are just to list a few. While reading some things on social media, I saw two independent statements : "Politics are boring me, I'm switching to baseball" and "Presidential Debates had 10.5 million tweets, the Vice-Presidential Debates had 3.5". This made me think, what if we elected the Owner of a baseball team to the Oval office (oh wait we kinda did with George Bush, but I digress). 

Why I would vote for Baseball Owner

North America Free Trade Agreement [NAFTA] : Have you heard of the Toronto Blue Jays, the are part of  Major League Baseball. Trades happen between the Blue Jays and all other teams at no extra cost. Players are often sent to hell  traded to the Blue Jays, not neither team is forced to pay extra.

Immigration Policy - Roughly 28% of baseball players are of Hispanic Origin. Clearly Major League Owners understand that Hispanic people provide great talents to this country and have adapted. 28% is a nice number, sure we may want 100% and not care, but hey, these guys are trying give them a break.

Cuba - 18 players are currently Cuban, and so is Yoenis Cespedes. The Managers are either really good at smuggling these people over, or have a pretty good relationship with Cuba.

Patriotism - For a sport that is known as "America's Pastime", clearly shows that the managers love America.

Laws - Contracts are legally binding, so the owners are really good at delegating laws [perfect exercise for the Supreme Court]

Striking and Union rights - Its been nearly 20 years since the last MLB strike, that is longer than the NFL, NHL, NBA. The MLB has learned how to negotiate between their employees and their cash flow.

Welfare - Pittsburgh Pirates, need I say more?

Foreign Policy - Japanese players, we are best buds with Asia

Senior Citizens - First off most games are still played on the radio, thus old people LOVE baseball teams.  Have you heard of Chipper Jones  dudes mad old by the Braves still loved him. All the 65+ will recall those Babe Ruth days, and remember how awesome baseball is. They also hire senior citizens like Davey Johnson.

Racism? Jackie Robinson broke the colour barrier before the American public did.

Spying on others - Have you seen those aerial views from those blimps

Women - Softball?

Ok Kinda Serious :
See a baseball owner has many types of approaches to take to win the World Series. They can spend a ton of money and win a ton of titles. No matter how much you hate the Yankees , you can respect them. Think about how awesome America would be if we spent a lot more. Sure ticket prices would be a little more [aka taxes], but we would be the best baseball team (umm Country) in the world. We could Moneyball it by cutting the fat from players who cost a ton of money. We can sell all the expensive programs to richer countries than prosper and make the playoffs when our slightly cheaper shit makes it just as far. Owners know how to budget, do things for the greater public (i.e building new stadiums). Several stadiums also do "pups in the park" meaning they love animals rights. They have giant televisions which shows that are pro technology and know how to regulate the FCC. A baseball team plays 49.6% of the year, so they are use to high pressure situations for a long period of time. They also have adapted advance metrics faster than any other sport. 

All in All when I go to the ballot this November I am voting for baseball, and nothing else.