Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Haters Start Hatin : Lebron James

Ok this one isn't even fair, it is just too easy to hate Lebron James these days. I mean seriously, he probably gets more hate mail than any other athlete. But this is more of a statistical hate for me against Lebron James. If we look at him objectively and say, alright Lebron, switch teams but keep that stats, well "agree to disagree". But Mr. James is starting to decline a bit with the heat. Granted, the odds of Lebron James getting injuried in the next three seasons is around 75 - 80 %. This is based off of performance, minutes and the time from rookie year to first career injury. I'll do a moderate break down of why i think the move just wasn't good enough for the All-Star.

Scoring - The obvious choices, Lebrons scoring has gone down, and this is factually correct. He is actually at the lowest average since his rookie year. However, this kind of makes sense, since its all about ball sharing in Miami. And by ball sharing, i mean between Boss, Wade and James. But like any good sabermetrican (or statistician for that matter), we like to play the percentages, not the figures. Although the drop in points did hurt my fantasy team. Lebron has dropped in Field Goal percentage as well as his Free Throw percentage. Despite declining in most categories, Lebron has improved his shot from the distance, increasing his Three Point Percentage. Good Job Mr.James, or not so much?

Passing - So right, three stars one ball, someone has to score, so maybe its not James? Actually, James Declined in this category too. He averages 7.2 assists per game, that is a 5 year low for him! So Lebron isnt scoring, he isnt passing, what is he doing, just playing? This is partially true, because Lebron sees the same amount of minutes a game! He averages the same amount of time on court.

Defense - Now if you are anything like me, you LOVE Lebron's defensive blocks. Check out this video if you do not think they are sweet. So maybe Lebron will create some more videos blocking awesome shots, i mean he isn't scoring and he isn't passing. BUT NO! Again, Lebron dropped! He actually dropped to the lowest point in his career, averaging 1 block every two games, which is half of what he use to get. Guess what, steals are down too, so are rebounds! Lebron James has lowered himself in all but one category! If you go to ESPN's website, you wont see his picture any category. He has hurt himself as an athlete. Why? Because he is playing the same amount of minutes per game, which means he is running back and forth, putting strain on his body and creating a higher risk with less reward.

Team - Its all about the team right? The team wins championships. But the Heat are just average to be honest. Their bench is full of High School seniors, their coach is on the brink of being fired, and things dont look put together. The Heat struggle against Playoff teams : Boston,Orlando,Chicago,Atlanta, Denver. All of these teams look playoff bound, and if the Heat cant beat them... well they arent going to make it far. What about the Cavs with Lebron? They actually only lost twice to Boston, they beat the Magic, they beat the Hawks, they beat the Lakers,the Nuggets, the Bulls.

I am not saying the Heat wont win the Championship, because in the NBA it really only takes 16 wins to do that, and well everyone gets in the playoffs. But as for Lebron, maybe splitting the stats was not as good as you thought it would be. Maybe you did go in Wade county Florida, instead of James,Akron,Ohio. Besides loyalty, you are risking your athletic build without the increase in production.

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