Thursday, July 8, 2010

Love or Hate, Cant Decide

So in about 4 (long hard to live by) hours, Lebron James will (hopefully of course) tell the world where he is going to play basketball. It could be any of the 30 teams in the NBA, although some are more likely than others. After spending most of the last week, and even more so today, reading about where Lebron will go, I have hit the peak of excitement. The build up is like a roller coaster at a good Amusement park; by the end you just want it to go down so its all over with. But just before you go down you can see everything, and that happened today with me.

1) Why do i care so much about Lebron James!
To be honest, i only watch maybe 10 regular season games of the NBA, and watch mainly the playoffs. I have (nor probably will I) live in Cleveland. But if he gets picks another team, i will feel let down. The way the books are written is not about money but about passion. We should follow our dreams, and do whats better for our family. I recall when I was a kid, when the other team crushed my team 6-0 in a hockey game, my dad said... its not about winning son! Well, Lebron (who low blow warning: doesnt know his father) apparently doesn't think so. He only wants to win, well maybe not only, but he put it right next to make a lot of money.

2) Basketball (and pro sports in general) make way to much money.
Espn just added a new section to their website where you can do the math to see how much money you make compared to some athletes. Lebron isn't on there yet, but tomorrow i project that he will be on there. Paul Pierce (one of the cheaper options) makes more money in one quarter than i make in an entire year! Thats unreal, here i am slaving in my cubicle, and Pierce hits the court for 15 minutes and boom we are even...

3) When i become a Free Agent.

After my contract with my current employer expires, and i become a free Agent, i dont know if i would resign when them. I could go to some other companies, some that could make me Statistician of the year. Or i could go to a larger market, where more employees would know that I did those statistics, or more customers appreciate my numbers. The decision will be tough, one keeping me up all night, while i tutor statistics at a local college in my home town.

What i dont know is where Lebron is going, but i do know is that i am over this new coverage, and please sign me when i am a free agent.