Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Reader, Read all about it

Google Reader, a meaning deeper than the news that is fed. Google Reader, created in 2005 will reach its 4th birthday later this year. As a user of Google Reader I have come to learn, and accept certain features of the web-based program.

Google Reader allows a person to read more than just what is posted, but also share and comment about it. Although Google has perfected a comment section, many people are not prompted to use it. The most interesting feature is Google's ability to read a personality using Google reader. Listed below I have demonstrated several type of "Google Readers".

  1. The Obnoxious Over User - This person probably subscribed to over 30+ Blogs and feels the need to share them with everyone. Despite 40% of them being interesting, it becomes a task to flip through all 200+ of them to figure out which are worth actually reading. The Range of topics is fair, normally ranging from 8+ topics, so reading the same item rarely occurs. It is sometimes obvious that this person has a lot of time on their hand to read and share all these. What we learn from this person's sharing is that they have a really really boring job that has a computer with internet. They are probably pretty aware of what is going on considering the amount of blogs they read. Suggestion: A great friend to bring a long to a party with. Since they know so much they can really talk to anyone. Avoid: Reading all their shares, go outside get some fresh air.
  2. The Single Issue Reader - This person may read 15+ blogs, but really only cares about sharing 1-3 of them. Not only do they share them, but they frequently share these topics. They can range from their Home town city to Gay Rights, or sometimes even issues involving religion. This person feels the only way for people to know they like this issue is to share it 60+ times a day. They really want you to know they love that issue. They will even post the same article just posted on different blogs. They want you to know that its not just them that is obsessed with this single issue. Suggestion: Take this person to a riot or protest, or maybe even a debate. Remember their favourite topic and maybe write a story or a paper involving their issue. They will be great at where to get resources and who to talk to. Avoid: Parties, they lack a range of topics. They can really only speak strongly about one topic. Also avoid talking about other things in the news, because they probably were not aware of it.
  3. The Cute Google Reader - Their friends have google reader, and they set it up because everyone else did it. They share about 1 item per fortnight and use google reader out of desperation, since Facebook or Twitter was banned in the office. They normally read the cute or funny blogs like The Daily Puppy or Today's Big Thing. They normally only read 10 - 15% of what is shared, and are very prompt on letting you know what they read. This is to convince their friends that they actually are using Google Reader. Suggestion: Have a frisbee catch, walk a dog, or even get some ice cream with this person. They clearly are outside a lot and are not using Reader. They will know what is the best thing to do outside of your office. Avoid: Any topic in the news. They probably are unaware of it. Also avoid teaching them New Google things, because they wont really care, and will just pretend to care. Things like Google Wave really just confuse them, and they will swear they 'Dont Have time' for things like this.
See, there is a lot we can learn about using Google Reading.

Monday, March 2, 2009

British Ballers

This one will be short, 

The British Way

As i attempted to do some homework, and i notice a loud sound getting louder. As though a plane was crashing [too soon?] onto campus. It gets louder, than i notice a beat. I go really, this again. Apparently the British Way is to Rage on all day except those that begin with T or Sun. Thus Thursday, Tuesday and Sunday, are the only days they don't party. So the Rave needed to take place somewhere, and Flat B it was!

Irrelevant photo, but this is of a Castle (or what was one), it sits on the bank of Loch Ness.

William Wallace and the Like

This weekend I visited Scotland.

Day 1
Took a 5/6 Hour Train ride all the way up to Edinburgh, a nice little town that has a castle and a lot of things to do. This is where i found out that the Scottish have a very distinctly different accent than the English. Also, the Scots hate the English, and had been at war forever, kinda like a little brother big brother fight. This is also the location of the word Loo , or Toilet

Day 2
After nearly no sleep, we got on a bus and began our adventure at 8:30 Am. The Bus took us first to Hamesh, this Cow with red hair, hes kinda free style! Then we went to the valleys where we saw some massacres, followed up by some lockness monster, and like all good Scotish trips, we stopped and slept in Inverness.
Day 3
We woke up late at 9, and began our adventure, which involved a local whisky distiller, smallest in all of Scotland actually. Then we headed back to Edinburgh.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Change of Pace

I am trying to post a little more, not that anyone cares, but mainly because i kill too much time being unproductive, so if i can turn that into something useful i will feel better.

This Segment will be about things i actually like in the United Kingdo, tagged with things i hate about the states

United Kingdom
1. Massive amounts of themed parties, this past wednesday was Dress up like your favourite disney princess.
2. Squash, it is this mixing material kinda like cool aid, but so much better.
3. Fish and Chips
4. The Underground, and the Mind The Gap stuff
5. Musuems
6. The Queen , and her two birthdays
7.Windsor Castle which is shown above

United States
1. The state of New Jersey, for charging me $181 just because its my permanent address
2. The Metro for having to cut services
3. Taxes
4. Barack Obama
5. Nancy Pelosi
6. Apple, whose headquaters is there

Monday, February 16, 2009

Problems and Opps

To the Left is the Original, to the right, is the mash up.

So This week has caused me some problems.

1. I have a 1,500 page essay due in 72 hours, i haven't started yet (This might actually be a problem)
2. I have three assignments due Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Not really sure how i can going to complete these because i really do not know what to do.
3. I am Tired, and seem to have no motivations

Not Solutions
1. Watching the Office
2. Ranting about Itunes music store stole the soul out of music, and debating against Steve's Job's theory on what Napster created.
3. Finding out that Google Desktop does not have to be docked on the side, but you can rather move them to the middle of the screen and activate it by double shift, making my life, just a little bit simpler.
4. The weather was sunny and 50 here
5. Having my calculator run out of batteries
6. Needs to go to the Grocery Store

1. Illy's Coffee
2. Pen Paper Library (currently not there).
3. Motivation

Out for now, until my brain either leaks or i win this battle!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Night at the Raveburry

So above is a photo of what it is like at "The Student Union" it is where everyone goes on Wednesday and Fridays. The Europeans love their techno music and their flashy lights. 

Wednesday 11/2

We went to the dance, which was themed School Disco. To America school disco means 60's/70's. Not according to the English, who believe it is a chance to dress up like a slutty librarian. They also put freckles on! After waiting for at least an hour , we decided to go home.

Friday 13/2 

Although it was Friday the 13th, the theme was not death, but rather pirates. Normally i would not attend such a party, but in England you have go float with the boat. The video is from that party. They were crazy, honestly crazy.  The party continued until 4ish. 

Tips and Tricks
- Do not think Dancing is popular here, you have two zones, dancing far away or making out.
- Do not point to a fellow friend at a guy, apparently that is a sign for the guy to hit on them
- Do drink before hand, it gets pricey and weird otherwise
- Do dress to theme, bring some props
- Do not get there before 10:45, its lame.

I hope this advice works

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

15 days, but not a breath to hold

Patchus Propaganda offically backs Jason Lifton for SA president, although this is temporary, and means that if he says something offense to Canada, or me... i will take back that statement, vote for one of the other two idiots. Honestly, vote for this guy he seems the most legit.

- Just take your hand out of your pocket.

Things i think Jason Lifton would support
- a freer America, one that has Jobs for everyone.
- A ruckus style music system for GW
- Me having this puppy

- Democracy
- England
- July 4th
- Coffee but maybe Tea.

() I am currently at the Library, but when i get home tonight i intend to photo shop some great American Photo's and post them on the blog about the real Jason Lifton.

Although J.Lifton has not offically approved me as a voice, I intend to make epic photo's of him, and post them. I am pretty excited about this.

England, or Great Britian, you tell me

So... After a month and two days, i began to use regular words like, Cheers! Words such as mind the gap all begin to become the same in nature to me. Since I last updated the five readers that actually do read this, I have been to the following

-London Bridge
-London Tower
-Tower Bridge
-Burrough Market
-Camden Market

Most of those places are really interesting.

I went to chinese new year, and it was very packed. I could not move at certain times, but i did see a ferrari, it was amazing, nice loud sound as it cruised on by. My east london flatmate informed me that it was most likely rented by a posh person. The exhange rate has gotten worse, and indeed has hurt the pocket of recent. School has been hard, although i have had a lot of free time, and have watched some films of recent.

And of course, a picture to finish


Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday, A day of sorrow

  Today i have hell class, which makes it a horrible day. I got back some work i turned in, and it didnt go as well as i hoped, but you cant win all the time can you. 

Funny things i have noticed, and feel the need to comment about. Instead of regular, they have 'Standard'. Also things I already miss about the states.
1. 24 - Hour Food/ Starbucks
2. Chipotle
3. WAWA 

I think the world is coming to an end, we had two straight days of sun. Which is as you know not typical, and funny thing is, i have been here for 23 days, and today was the first time i could see the Castle on my way to class.  I am getting adjusted to food and what have you.

Current Agenda 
- Going to watch Nick and Nora's Infite Playlist, it just came out here!
 - City of London to see the Tower of London as well as the Bridge.
Near Future
 - Dublin Ohio  Ireland
-  Liverpool maybe.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Abroad Eh?

<span class=IMG_0292" width="500" height="375">
I will try to start all posts with a joke, Here is today's. While sitting at the Dinner table (with Kevin, a fellow study abroad student), he asked me what i was doing here, i stated, studying abroad, and he said that sucks, cause i am here to study several!

So a little bit of why Patchus Propaganda went to an abroad blog. After viewing a seemingly endless and dry, boring, filled with useless pictures  Blog, i thought it would be a good idea to give everyone a taste of England. I expect to reformat the view of the blog mainly because it sucks. I also will add some artsy photos every once in a while, but i need a larger flikr account to do that.

A bit about the classes, Math classes dont use any books, and history classes use too many. I have to rely on my notes for homework in math classes. The weather is 95% of the time rainy, with a hint of Sun every once in a while. I am catching a cold :( , but i hope to get out of it.

Cheers for now!