Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 The Future is here, or is it?

via the Londonist

So its 2010, and although we may not be flying around in cars, a lot of things have improved. Our ipods can now make phone calls, they can find us cool places to eat and most importantly get us email. There are some things that have become outdated, one of those are paper maps. Think about the last time you unfolded the brilliant piece of cartography. I honestly can not remember this happening. I have either printed the directions using the helpful site mapquest Google maps, or a friend of mine has used his/her GPS. Pay phones, I was reading an interesting article (cant find the link), about how England is debating getting rid of their historical pay phones, and it became a culture clash of now and then.

Weekly Purchases
-> Phone Upgrade : Although the "Motorola Razor Baby Boom", as i like to call it, will expire this summer, a ton of companies are coming out with new phones. I suggest waiting to your contract ends, because those early cancellation fees are not very constitutional fun. No phone is the best, because each person has different needs. Obviously the best three are "The Droid" a hybrid of Motorola and Google's Andriod Software ; Blackberry (Bold 9700) ; Apples IPhone 3s. Just remember that Apps do cost money (typically more on apple's iPhone store).

Weekly Watches
- Thursday
Sports - #2Texas vs #1 Alabama, ABC (speaks for itself)
Culture - Jersey Shore

Top 5 Reads
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