Monday, January 24, 2011

Haters Stop Hatin : The Brett Favre Edition

As Brett Favre Rolls his wheel chair down retirement lane, hopefully the football community will stop hating. Thats correct, Brett Favre is not actually an idiot or a bad quarterback. Sure he threw an interception that kept the Vikings from getting to the Super bowl, but who is to say that it wasn't Adrian Peterson's fault; of course Brett Favre haters.

2007 - 2008. After the 2007 season, the Green Bay Packers decided to push #4 out the door, and move onto to their new up and coming Quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. Now Rodgers is a good quarterback, but there was actually nothing wrong with Favre. In quarterback categories, Favre was in the top 25% on every category, including sacks(15), which was the third lowest in the league. Statistically, Favre was as sound as any quarterback, and it was certain the man was gonna play everygame.

2008-2009. After crying his way out of retirement, Favre played for the New York Jets, who were looking for a quick fix after Chad Pennington dropped the ball, or rather threw it other team very often (TDI of 1.11). The thing about the Jets is that they have bigger issues than needing a Quarterback. In the last 10 years, the Jets have been in the bottom third of TDI, Passing Yards and Sacks. Despite this, Favre had an average year. He scored above average in every category except Yards per attempt. Thus this raggedy old man was actually not bad. Sure he wasnt the man of old, but his career wasn't over, and far there were worst quaterbacks in 2008 (cough: Ben Roethlisberger, Kyle Orton and Jamarcus Russell).

2009 - 2010. The Vikings, a team built for Favre. They had a solid running game, good pass protection, and more importantly a chance to win the Super Bowl. Brett Favre finished second in passer rating, first in TDI [ thats correct haters, Brett Favre threw more touchdowns per interception than anyone else in the league], not only that, but he finished first in sacks allowed. Lets think this through, Brett Favre had statistically the best year out of any quarterback and you expected him to not come back? Granted the changes and injuries to the vikings killed him at the ripe age of 40, but the man was actually a great quarterback.

Overall Favre proved his worth as a Starting Quarterback, and he shouldn't be at blame for wanting to come back after great seasons (statistically of course).

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