Monday, March 2, 2009

British Ballers

This one will be short, 

The British Way

As i attempted to do some homework, and i notice a loud sound getting louder. As though a plane was crashing [too soon?] onto campus. It gets louder, than i notice a beat. I go really, this again. Apparently the British Way is to Rage on all day except those that begin with T or Sun. Thus Thursday, Tuesday and Sunday, are the only days they don't party. So the Rave needed to take place somewhere, and Flat B it was!

Irrelevant photo, but this is of a Castle (or what was one), it sits on the bank of Loch Ness.

William Wallace and the Like

This weekend I visited Scotland.

Day 1
Took a 5/6 Hour Train ride all the way up to Edinburgh, a nice little town that has a castle and a lot of things to do. This is where i found out that the Scottish have a very distinctly different accent than the English. Also, the Scots hate the English, and had been at war forever, kinda like a little brother big brother fight. This is also the location of the word Loo , or Toilet

Day 2
After nearly no sleep, we got on a bus and began our adventure at 8:30 Am. The Bus took us first to Hamesh, this Cow with red hair, hes kinda free style! Then we went to the valleys where we saw some massacres, followed up by some lockness monster, and like all good Scotish trips, we stopped and slept in Inverness.
Day 3
We woke up late at 9, and began our adventure, which involved a local whisky distiller, smallest in all of Scotland actually. Then we headed back to Edinburgh.