Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Debt Ceiling Speech : In Numbers

This isnt about politics, it really never is. This is about words and numbers, and what a speech looks like. I did an earlier segment about The State of the Union and the length of the words. It is something that really means nothing, but an interesting analysis anyway.

7/25 Speech

Length (in minutes) 14:44
Length (in words) : 2289

Rate : 153.6 words per minute

Longest Word : 14 letters twice |  infrastructure responsibility

Most Common Word [of substance*] :  Approach used 15 times.

Average Word Length : 4.667
Median Word Length : 4 characters

Mentioned the Republicans 9 times , Democrats twice

*of substance refers to a word no included in this list ( the to and a of we that in on is For have our But I).

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