Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Night at the Raveburry

So above is a photo of what it is like at "The Student Union" it is where everyone goes on Wednesday and Fridays. The Europeans love their techno music and their flashy lights. 

Wednesday 11/2

We went to the dance, which was themed School Disco. To America school disco means 60's/70's. Not according to the English, who believe it is a chance to dress up like a slutty librarian. They also put freckles on! After waiting for at least an hour , we decided to go home.

Friday 13/2 

Although it was Friday the 13th, the theme was not death, but rather pirates. Normally i would not attend such a party, but in England you have go float with the boat. The video is from that party. They were crazy, honestly crazy.  The party continued until 4ish. 

Tips and Tricks
- Do not think Dancing is popular here, you have two zones, dancing far away or making out.
- Do not point to a fellow friend at a guy, apparently that is a sign for the guy to hit on them
- Do drink before hand, it gets pricey and weird otherwise
- Do dress to theme, bring some props
- Do not get there before 10:45, its lame.

I hope this advice works

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