Tuesday, February 10, 2009

15 days, but not a breath to hold

Patchus Propaganda offically backs Jason Lifton for SA president, although this is temporary, and means that if he says something offense to Canada, or me... i will take back that statement, vote for one of the other two idiots. Honestly, vote for this guy he seems the most legit.

- Just take your hand out of your pocket.

Things i think Jason Lifton would support
- a freer America, one that has Jobs for everyone.
- A ruckus style music system for GW
- Me having this puppy

- Democracy
- England
- July 4th
- Coffee but maybe Tea.

() I am currently at the Library, but when i get home tonight i intend to photo shop some great American Photo's and post them on the blog about the real Jason Lifton.

Although J.Lifton has not offically approved me as a voice, I intend to make epic photo's of him, and post them. I am pretty excited about this.

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