Monday, February 23, 2009

Change of Pace

I am trying to post a little more, not that anyone cares, but mainly because i kill too much time being unproductive, so if i can turn that into something useful i will feel better.

This Segment will be about things i actually like in the United Kingdo, tagged with things i hate about the states

United Kingdom
1. Massive amounts of themed parties, this past wednesday was Dress up like your favourite disney princess.
2. Squash, it is this mixing material kinda like cool aid, but so much better.
3. Fish and Chips
4. The Underground, and the Mind The Gap stuff
5. Musuems
6. The Queen , and her two birthdays
7.Windsor Castle which is shown above

United States
1. The state of New Jersey, for charging me $181 just because its my permanent address
2. The Metro for having to cut services
3. Taxes
4. Barack Obama
5. Nancy Pelosi
6. Apple, whose headquaters is there

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