Tuesday, February 10, 2009

England, or Great Britian, you tell me

So... After a month and two days, i began to use regular words like, Cheers! Words such as mind the gap all begin to become the same in nature to me. Since I last updated the five readers that actually do read this, I have been to the following

-London Bridge
-London Tower
-Tower Bridge
-Burrough Market
-Camden Market

Most of those places are really interesting.

I went to chinese new year, and it was very packed. I could not move at certain times, but i did see a ferrari, it was amazing, nice loud sound as it cruised on by. My east london flatmate informed me that it was most likely rented by a posh person. The exhange rate has gotten worse, and indeed has hurt the pocket of recent. School has been hard, although i have had a lot of free time, and have watched some films of recent.

And of course, a picture to finish


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