Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Political Side Track

Ok, so i normally will not post about politics, because that is what most blogs do. Instead, i will compare different styles of politics in a funny manner. Kind of like the one listed below.

So listed above is Russia and Georgia, not the state the country. Now i read all of this news about Russia Invading Georgia and getting all this bad press about it. Since Putin is possibly one of the best politicians ever i decided to compare with an American Legend, James K. Polk, for all you Historians, that's the guy that started the Mexican American War.

Let the Comparison Begin

Awesomeness Level -
Russia - They Rolled Tanks into a country and issued passports to citizens claiming them to be Russians. What Russia did that really gets them an Advantage was they blamed it on the United States. So Invade a country and blame America... that kinda rocks.

United States - Fought over MEXICO, personally i think they should have just it to us. We used horse artillery to destroy them, back in the day that was pretty awesome. We winded up blaming the Russians (actually that is a lie, but still funny)

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