Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Grocery Stores make better Cupcakes

Recently i have become addicted to a little treat known as the cupcake. In This first posting, and the real reason the blog was created, i am going to rate different type of cupcakes from different DC area cupcake places.

Hello Cupcake-
Price - $3.
Flavor(s) - Over 24 ( 7 Daily Flavors, and then 17 mixed in ones). I suggest checking there menu online, then deciding which day to go!

I do not lie when i say that Hello Cupcake is possible the worst hello cupcake. I think they are made better at Safeway, and even the sketchy one underneath the Watergate, i think this place should be called Goodbye and never see you again cupcake. The whole not having a constant amount of flavors bothered me. There original HC cupcake is probably the worst of them all. So I would rank hello cupcake maybe a 3 bites out of 5!

Price- $3
Flavor(s)- various, not listed on website

Not good at all. I Honestly think Hello(or Goodbye) Cupcake was better and closer for those in the Business District as well as Foggy Bottom Campus. [PS i am A GW Student, majoring in statistics, history and cupcakes]. I think Cakelove was the original to this cup cake love, but oldest doesn't mean the best.

Georgetown Cupcake
Price- 2.75 for one, 15 1/2 dozen!
Flavour(s) Solid 7 a bunch mixed in.

AWESOME go try it out for yourself. Most amazing cupcakes ever, a bit if a hike for GW students, but worth the trip. I have yet to try their coffee, but their cupcakes rocks.

Some Qualms i have about the cupcake industry. Why do they only serve a solid seven each day, and rotate out other flavors. Personally, i am a huge Peppermint Mocha fan, and they only serve that on


Mike said...

You have actually lost your mind.

Unknown said...

patchus --- im very excited about this!

Unknown said...

somewhere new to try:
Baked and Wired (1052 Thomas Jefferson St., N.W.) - If you have heard of Sprinkles and Magnolia, you will love Baked and Wired. The District's own posh bakery features gourmet cupcakes, pies, muffins, cookies and other sweet treats.

Unknown said...

you are a nut job.