Saturday, August 30, 2008

Battle Ground Snacks

Today i opened up my Trader Joes (not giving them a shout out at all) apple sauce and began to wonder what was better, pudding, or apple sauce. So i am going to do a full investigation on which one is better!

Here is a chart of the Tournament Currently Going on.

1. The Add Ons
- Applesauce does past the cinnamon, mocha, and nutmeg test. I has flexibly and its open to new various of the almost perfect treat.
- Pudding does not do so well in this category. Try adding Bacon to applesauce, does not work! Very few things can be added to pudding. (unlike yogurt).

2. Spoonable
- Applesauce has a lighter weight to it, making it a far superior item to be eaten with a spoon. Its liquid esc form prevents the item from being stuck on the spoon, a feature most desserts struggle to achieve.
- Pudding is a little bit heavier, and typically leaves residue. Its solid base prevents consumers from having an easy clean up.

3. Variety
- Applesauce has its limitations, it really only has a total of five flavors, and that is stretching it by adding some color and making it a new flavor. This limitation typically hurts a dessert, because at a independent dinner party ( An Independent dinner party is a party in which all members attempt to be unique not just with their orders but there political views as well).
- Pudding - There are easily over 10 different types and flavors of pudding, making it a better party product.

4. Holiday
- Applesauce is the no brain win on this one. The product is used on Hanukkah as a sauce for latkes topped with cinnamon to give it more flavor. This makes the product a far Superior product than pudding.
- Pudding is dead!

Overal Winner is ... Applesauce.

Applesauce quoted on the Victory " We made it out of the Quaterfinals, but making it out of the Semi Final will be a bit harder. We have two tough competitor(s), either Cookies, which are strong on their easy to bake scale, and Milkshakes which are a better give and go. This is gonna be a tough Round."

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ctm0887 said...

Patchus, I think that Ice Cream would trump everyone in this tourney. But lets think about this some more, what if a certain coach Ditka could compete? The battle between Ice Cream and Ditka would be intense!