Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stephen Strasburg

Is Stephen Stasburg the savior of the Washington Nationals, No! But he is a start. The problem with Strasburg is that he plays for the Washington Nationals! Who have an average age of old 27.5, but look who their stars are. Pudge Rodriguez, 38, Adam the strike-out king Dunn who is 30 and Ryan Zimmerman who looks like he is 32, but is actually only 25. The problem is worse than just age for the nationals. Sure like all teams they are plagued by injury, with Scott Olsen, who almost no hit the braves, but the team lacks production when it matters. Strasburg only plays once every five days, which would get them a winning percentage of .2 assuming he wins every game, which he hasn’t thus far.
Not to take away from the Kid’s 100 mph fastball, or his crazy curve, but the kid is just that, a curveball to what the Nationals normally get. 14 strikeouts in the minor leagues against the Pittsburgh Pirates is impressive, but so are a lot of baseball stats. The Nationals need a team, not a pitcher. They did get one step closer to that with Bryce Harper, the new all star center-fielder who hits baseballs to mars .
The Stephen Strasburg lesson is nothing new to sports. Ovi – not won a Stanley cup, Lebron James – still without a Ring, the key to winning championships is getting a good team, not a good player. I will say the nats did one thing correctly, and that is that Strasburg sells tickets. Standing room only for the first time since the Senators came back to the District. The Nationals still are far away from good, 10.5 games out of first place, and dozen out of the wild car. Still have a run differential of 39, still have terrible strikeout ratios. So yes Strasburg may be a great baseball player, but without a rotation of run support its unlikely that the Nationals will see the playoffs in the next three years.

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