Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Buy or Sell?

Sell - McCrystal’s Removal of office

I disagree with the decision; the man had his opinions and made them. This reminds me of early 1700 England, where if one disagreed with the king you were killed. The general is notorious for making the new plans in Afganistan his, and well frankly it’s a mess over there and someone needs to figure it out. I believe that Obama cleared his way to ending this war (for the better or for the worse). He knew with a McCrystal he couldn’t dictate the policy, something Obama takes pride in. I think it’s a bit harsh to kick someone out of their duties because they disagree with the President. If he had created a huge mess in Afghanistan it would be something else, but he had America on a better track. If this guy has any luck like Pittsburgh Perogie , he just has to wait this thing out. But I’m selling the decision, because I think it was a dumb move.

Trade – Oil Drill Decision

I call this a trade because I think it could have some value, but I’m not willing to take the risk on it, but apparently a federal judge is willing to take risk. Now the Oil Spill of 2010 was something amazing, and its way too early to start yelling drill baby drill, despite thinking we should. I think the issue will create a lot of flip-floppers who debate help in the Gulf, but resort to drilling. What would I trade it for? Easy, something dealing with Alternative fuels, to be honest, I could care less about the environment (I actually save my 5 cents to buy tires to burn in the Potomac, of course im kidding). But I believe in a earned balanced market, meaning a good consumer never lets one company, or market dominate their pocketbook.


World Cup

Sell/Trade – Sell and Sell high! The Americans, won with literally seconds away from their flight back. Fluff those pillows and get some rest because Saturday is the next nail bitter for the cane walking Americans. I say sell because America (somehow) won group C, despite being seconds away from losing. That means every American thinks we are awesome, and actually stand a chance of winning the World Cup, sorry America, reality will set in. America still is unlikey to win this thing, but coming off a win, its always smart to sell.

Mylie Cyrus
SELL!! The World is utterly confused, is she Walt Disney Cyrus or the Lindsey Lohan Cyrus, its up in the air and the transition has been too much. The world is really wondering who she really is, so I say sell why she still has market value.

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