Thursday, September 11, 2008

So ... Dessert War Update

First and for most i would like to sue the Washington post. They stole my idea and called it cupcake wars. I will settle for a lifetime supply of cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake. But onto the war of desserts.

Cookies vs Milkshake.

1. Variety - I think they both have an equal amount of variety. There are a ton of cookies, as well as a ton of milkshakes. However, this category has to go to cookie. Since the fourth most consumed milkshake is cookies and cream, it means that people love cookies so much they even want it in its milkshake.

2. American? - Another tough call here, i must ask what is more American than a chocolate chip cookie, or maybe even an oatmeal raisin. Although its origins are not American, i think America did a good job of calling it her own.

3. Usage - See cookies again have this category. Since the cookie is served for breakfast, with cookie crisp. There are very limited milkshakes for breakfast.

4. Easy to Make - You need an oven for cookies, milkshake, a blender... should this even be a contest.

As noted above, Cookies advances to the next round, but Cupcake(s) having the advantage decided to take on Applesauce and switch spots with cookies, which now has to go against Pie, a fan favorite.

Pie vs Cookie

1. Variety - They are about equal, but there are slightly more pies, like a cool whip pie, or an apple pie, or even a pot pie. They have a delicious taste for dinner followed by a really good dessert of Apple Pie, apple cookie not as good as apple pie.

2. Easiness to make - Cookie, you need an oven and a baking sheet, not very hard at all

3. American Test- Apple Pie, let me quote My My Miss American Pie.... victory pie.

4. Related to Math ... 3.14159265358979 (I think pie wins)

5. Pizza Pie? The most consumed college item

Pie defeats cookie, making Pie a finalist to go against (TBD).

Applesauce Vs Cupcake.

1. Georgetown - There is no store called Georgetown Applesauce, think cupcake wins.

2. Served at Birthday Parties - Cupcakes are served, applesauce is not.

3. Used my John Appleseed - I know most of you though that applesauce had to win this one, but as myth has it, after cutting down the apple tree john apple seed ate a cupcake to relieve his stressful day. Cupcake

Cupcake Defeats applesauce, moving to the finals to face the fan favorite Pie.

Cast your votes via comment.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Patchus ... Milkshakes are better than cookies first of all.

Cupcakes versus Pie ... that I don't know.

Georgetown Cupcake would defeat pie, but not Hello Cupcake.

I'll go with pie.